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Women's WarmCube™Active Novus Full-Zip Jacket


Women's WarmCube™Active Novus Full-Zip Jacket

Women's WarmCube™Active Novus Full-Zip Jacket

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Get out there and embrace chilly to downright-freezing temps with Marmot's range of women’s winter coats and jackets. When it comes to staying warm in style during chilly seasons, insulated jackets and down jackets are your best friends. Before you start your shopping journey, know these key terms to find the right jacket for your needs:

Down Jackets

Zip up a classic choice that locks in unmatched warmth. Down jackets act as your first line of defense against the elements, helping you lock in breathable heat with an exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio. Look for duck or goose down jackets from ethical down sourcing that are insulated with soft, lightweight down feathers. These jackets are ideal for cold, dry conditions like our WarmCube Active Alt HB goose down jackets.

Synthetic Down Jackets

Mimic the warmth of natural down with synthetic down jackets. These synthetic jackets are created from man-made materials that allow better water-resistance and moisture-wicking capabilities. Try a featherless, packable down jacket from our Featherless WarmCube™ technology formed from synthetic insulation that provides excellent warmth even when wet.

GORE-TEX Jackets

GORE-TEX is a highly-breathable, durable waterproof fabric used in the most robust of outerwear. Choose a GORE-TEX jacket for an insulated jacket that keeps you dry while allowing moisture to escape, which is great for working up a sweat on the crag. When on the move through the backwoods with hiking gear or gliding across powder fresh alpines in a ski and snowboarding fit, this durable and weather-resistant jacket is essential.

Are you looking for an outdoor jacket for everyday wear, outdoor adventures, or a mix of both? Use the purpose to determine the level of insulation and features you'll need. If you'll be facing wet conditions, opt for a waterproof or durable water repellent insulated jacket. For superb warmth, try a down jacket on for size--- but remember: natural down may lose effectiveness when wet, while synthetic down jackets are more resilient in damp environments. Finally, the jacket you choose also suits your style preferences and provides a comfortable fit. Take your pick between a more tailored look or a relaxed fit.

Need something for snowy nights on bustling city streets? Go for a classic down or women's parka. Looking for insulation to withstand the elements while camping in the backcountry? A packable down jacket from our Featherless collection is your best bet. After you've got your winter coat, pair it with outdoor accessories like a beanie hat, snow gloves or add a sweatshirt or sweater to complete your look.